Lionfish Hunt

Lionfish Hunt

Do your part to eradicate this invasive species. Also, provide yourself tastey nourishment! Lionfish are a delicacy in many fine restaurants. We welcome you to bring your own hunting gear; however, we provide underwater slings, pole spears, Lionfish guns and collection tubes if you do not have your own. We will charter you to destinations known to be prolific in lionfish. If you are not the experienced lionfish hunter, no worries; on the boat ride out we will provide you with the education necessary to hunt these majestic creatures. *Lionfish are a venomous fish and if you are stung, the venom sends an immense pain that is trying to reach your heart. While we do carry rescue materials to treat a lionfish sting, we advise all lionfish hunters to hunt with EXTREME caution; Hunt at your own risk.*


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