Megalodon Fossil Charters

Megalodon Fossil Charters

Set fourth on a journey to hunt in 90' or 110' depths on a natural ledge contour where you search for Megalodon sharks teeth. Not only can you find "Meg" teeth here, but you may find Mako, Great White, Tiger, Sand Tiger Shark as well as Ray, Dolphin, Whale and Mastodon fossils. The possibilities are endless.

  • Tooth Envy

    When divers are in search of the ultimate tooth, they are indulging in what is called "Tooth Envy." Diver casualties occur during tooth envy because divers become so consumed in scowering the ocean's bottom to find that ultimate tooth and they forget that they are in an underwater environment where they are provided limited air time. Divers are urged to hunt with EXTREME caution and to monitor their computers and pressure guages regularly.


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